“I am a Coach to Creative Women who lack the business savvy to earn their worth. My Mission is to help women to have an abundant life and experience Freedom!”

Hey, I’m Mandy

Women’s Creative Genius Consultant & creative coach to innovative female entrepreneurs who want to make more money.

I am also an Artist and Author of two books.

I can see you, struggling to come up with the solutions to launching your creative business. You want to be successful, and you are, because you are a creative genius, but you are stuck when it comes to a sound business strategy that will give you the life and income that you deserve.

I know you feel stuck, and I know because I have been there, BIG TIME! I also know that it is no accident that you found me. You have been looking for a solution, because in your heart you know that you have what it takes to be successful, abundant and full of joy every day in your work. You have been feeling restless because you are determined to let the world see what you are capable of, you know in your heart that it is time to jump out of your comfort zone, unleash your creative power and become a wealthy woman.

Well, I’ve got you!

‘There is POWER in Creativity!’

I have made it my mission in life to help women like you because I know that you think differently, you see the world in an amazing way and have the gift of being able to capture the beauty of objects and emotions with your creative genius. You really want to unleash your creativity and have an amazing life, an awesome business and an incredible income.

Well you CAN have everything you desire, but you really need some help, right?

The reason I do what I do is because it is a jungle out there in the creative world. There is the myth about ‘poor’ artists, and so much comparison and thinking that you are not good enough, because there is always somebody who ‘appears’ to be better. Society also plays a part here, because creativity is seen as second best to academic subjects and ‘getting a proper job.’

So, you have a double battle on your hands. First you have to battle your internal demons of inadequacy and then learn how to launch a successful business, with sound strategies that really work.

Well, you are not alone! There is nothing wrong with you, every creative person who wants to launch their business faces the same battle. So, I am armed and ready to show you the way!

I can’t promise you success, because that is all down to YOU! What I can do is show you the exact steps that I took to launch my creative business and create a 6-figure income.

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