About Mandy

Hey I’m Mandy

One day a gypsy came up to me and told me I had a really strong ‘Violet Aura’. I looked it up and this is what I found:

violet aura symbolises your desire to seek the answers to your life’s questions. … The colour violet symbolises nobility in living, thinking, and doing. It’s the colour of creativity, deeper awareness, and enlightenment.

Since then my aura has been mentioned many times by many people.

My Story

I had what I would describe as an ‘eclectic’ childhood. Brought up in pubs, spending lots of time with two sets of very wonderful and very different grandparents. Then the idol of my life, my dad, headed off to earn megabucks in the Middle East and give us an abundant lifestyle. No complaints.

Both of my parents supported my creativity. It was a different story at school, where my art teacher was the only one cheer-leading me. ALL of the other teachers told me that I should follow an academic route and ‘get a proper job’. I ignored them and headed off to Art College. Always the rebel!

But do you know what? They were bloody right! Could I find a job doing what I loved after I finished my degree? NO! So, having been brought up in pubs, and worked the holidays in wine bars and shops I applied for the position of Wines & Spirits Supervisor at Fine Fare. I got the job and embarked on an eighteen-year career in food retail, that would see me battle misogyny, sexism and old boys’ school systems and networks.

I had to be better than ‘the boys’ to even get noticed. So that became my mission. If I couldn’t do what I loved I would be the best at what I was paid to do. I soon discovered that what actually set me apart was my creativity. I could out think, out lead and out vision my peers to take my team marching over the boarder to huge success. I knew what good looked like and became the best at motivating my team to want the same. I was an award-winning manager and Divisional Executive, but there was a void.

I also identified that it wasn’t just me. I came across many women in retail, but most of them were in HR or checkout operators, administrators etc. I was the ONLY senior female Manager and the ONLY female Divisional Executive. Yet there were so many women capable of doing those jobs, just as good as, if not better than the men. They also felt less than and that they could offer more, but just didn’t know how.


I realised that creativity needed to be acknowledged for the impact that it can have in a place that you may not actually see it! ‘Whole Brained Thinking’ ‘Wacky Ideas’ ‘Risk Taking based on a perfect Vision’ – all things that seemed a bit odd and terrified my male peers, but were getting me results. I knew I could help women to find their creative power and unlock their creative thinking in order to enjoy an abundant life, happiness and fulfilment. I saw struggling artists; frustrated middle and senior managers; mums with ideas, all who had creative talent, but who just didn’t know where to start in monetising it. So, after a couple of kids, a couple of corporate moves, because I was afraid to take the plunge and even after having my own cleaning and financial services businesses, I decided to stop making excuses and just bloody do it!

Glowing aura…..

Now I have embraced my creativity 100%. It has been a leap of faith and taken every ounce of courage I possess. It is what defines me, what makes me different, what makes me stand out. It’s that Violet Aura that was always glowing, just waiting to be unleashed. I have just published my second book, I have more planned and I am completing a series of paintings about women and empowerment. I believe that I will be hugely successful, but don’t care if I am not because I just love every moment that I am graced with. Now I need to share all of this explosive, creative, fireball to help other women be all they can be.

Mission Very Possible

My mission is to help creative women to harness the power in their unique talent, find unwavering confidence in it and monetise it to launch an outstanding creative business.

I want to shine a light on the power of creativity in women and give them unshakeable self-belief in their talent, product or service so they can show it with pride and sell it to the world.

I truly believe that in this age of technology, the image of the struggling artist is a myth and that creative women can also be abundant, successful business women, doing what brings them joy!

‘Let Her Rise’ (my 2nd painting)

Mandy Nicholson
Coach, Artist, Author

I can help you to take back control, create the life you dream of and live in the abundance that you deserve.

So, what can you expect if you decide to work with me?

  • A ton of life experience & academic learning so that I can help you to help yourself
  • A unique and creative approach to personal development
  • A refreshingly honest approach to improving your mindset and ultimately improving your life
  • Unlocking your potential like you never have before!

You will benefit from my online content, 121 coaching, events and more if…..

  • You are a dreamer but can’t quite move things into action
  • You work really hard and long hours but are still just managing to get by
  • You lack self-confidence, have low self-esteem or are anxious about change
  • You want to take life, business, relationships to the next level but fear gets in the way
  • You feel like you are juggling so many plates that you can’t focus properly
  • You constantly worry about money
  • You have no time for yourself

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