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The Life I won

The Life I won - Kindle

Get Ready to Rise


Get ready to rise is a poignant, inspirational, and empowering collection of women’s stories. Binding together different journeys from around the globe, with one universal language, women speaking their truth.

The book was born directly from an online community of the same name. A community founded by a woman with a dream. A dream to provide a safe space for women to take the first step on their healing journey.

This book is a must read for all, but especially for that woman out there who feels stuck, lost.

This book is the confidence you need to say, “I am ready.”

This book is the clarity on where you are going.

This book is the courage to take that first step.

This book is the connection with the single most important thing. You!

I'm a co-author of this book, with my very own 'Let Her Rise' painting appearing in it.